St Malo

Nestled in a broad, flat valley in the foothills of the southern Selenic Mountains, St Malo is a small, walled town that is most famous for it’s annual chariot racing competition. It’s a prestigious event that began, centuries ago as a simple one-day street event. In the last century or so, it has become a major attraction with races being run daily all week in a custom built arena, surrounded by vast, sprawling marketplaces and festivals. Folks of all races and social strata travel great distances to St Malo for one week in late Autumn to either enjoy the races or sell their wares.

The town is overlooked by Château Anistall the fortified home of Duc Anistall and his family and it was one of his ancestors that started the races – though they were not royalty at that time.

Another noteworthy attraction of the otherwise unassuming town is the Grand Library. Attached to the Château, it is the largest and most respected outside of the Imperial library in Dinas Selenia.

St Malo as seen from Booth Gardens as recorded by the wizard, Madran the impatient.

St Malo

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