Irth – An Overview

It is believed that the world was formed from thought by the god-Emperor, Sirus ten thousand generations ago. He took it upon himself to descend upon the world from his sun-throne, and found there a paradise of leaves and water. He soon found himself lonely and created for himself a mate, Isibis, the most beutiful woman to walk the land. From the animals of the world he created footmen and servants to wait upon her every need. She bore him many children and these children are the great ancestors of all humanity.

This is widely accepted as the First Empire.

Eventually the god Emperor took his leave of the world and he left in his stead, his son Balus who ruled for over a thousand years and after him came his daughter, Smisimis. The world prospered and grew generation after generation until the rein of god-Emperor Bathmet in the seventh age before the Second Empire. Unfortunately Bathmet was a hedonist and cared little for matters of state. The arts and education prospered under Bathmet’s rein but his brother, Gisha considered him a weakling and amassed an army against him. This was no contest and Bathmet was defeated, captured and banished.

With Gisha’s ascendency to the throne, came a time of terrible upheaval, war, poverty and secularity. Gisha turned against his ancestor’s servants – the beastmen – and cast them out to distant lands as unclean and unfit to gaze upon humans. Fierce wars raged and magic and science produced machineries of terrible destruction.

This became known as the Second Empire and Gisha ruled over it with an iron fist.

The Second Empire ended in a terrible flash of light that would later become known as the 60 minute war.

Irth lay ravaged. Burned and blackened. Tortured and ruined.

From this devastation, irrepressable life began to blossom once more. and with it came Emperor Rastiel – thought by many scholars to have been the second coming of the first God-Emperor, Sirus, keen to make amends for his progeny’s cruel works. Rastiel worked hard most of his rein to end the petty wars and border disputes in the outer kingdoms. He brought about a time of great peace. The machineries of war were destroyed and left buried in the soil. Technology was outlawed under pain of death and a return to a simpler, agricultural way of life began. Rastiel wanted to sever all ties with the past and to this end, he established the Third Empire.

That was a thousand generations ago.

Today, old animosities have been mostly forgotten. The beastmen of the Earth and humans of the Empire mingle and live freely in the Empire aswell as it’s surrounding countries. Life in much of the Empire is still simple and technology is still scarce but Steam Trains and Skyships are once again commonplace. Even ancient technology has begun to re-emerge in many places due to the work of Scholars and Archaeologists. It is a place of discovery and re-discovery, wonder and danger…


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