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The Last Legends of Irth

Being a translation of the chronicles of Baldry the Learned from the original Dwarvish by the Selenic scholar, Adred Thimus

It has taken a great many years and not an inconsiderable amount of wealth to track down and acquire the complete works of legendary Dwarven scholar, Baldry the Learned. Much of the writings record the formative years of his divine and radiant majesty, Emperor Custler as they were related to him by Custler’s loyal companion, Arpad the Holy. I have taken it upon myself to translate these journals as accurately as I can from ancient Dwarvish and I will place them here as each is translated for all to see. Beginning with the downfall of the Necromancer, the journal covers the rise and eventual defeat of a sinister cult within the Empire of Selenia and, it seems a great deal more.

Adred Thimus
Scholar to Her Divine Majesty, Empress Catherine
Selenia City

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