Dinas Selenia

Among the western Selenia mountains the majestic vertical city, Dinas Selenia sits on a high cliff edge. Standing over a mile in height, it is a sheer pinnacle of rock extending from a water-filled basin over half a mile in diameter that connects with the cliff edge creating a two-tiered waterfall. Several tiers at ground level form the entrance by land to the city and are connected by half a dozen long and narrow bridges that reach across, high above the water to the lip of the bowl and the farmlands either side of the mighty torrent of water. The entire height of the city is encrusted with windows, balconies, buttresses and airship docking platforms. The very pinnacle is plated in gold and forms the Imperial Palace of his most radiant and divine majesty, Emperor Gallus Selenia.

The city itself is vast. Over a mile in height and nearly half a mile at it’s base, the bottom two thirds of the structure are hollow and it’s hundred meter thick shell is shot through with a myriad street tunnels lined with shops and residences, warehouses and airship docks. From the outsides of the city, gardens splay out onto vast balconies like shelves of fungi. Inside, bridges span the hollow core, themselves overgrown, barnacle-like with buildings. Honey light descends in shafts from vast, angled mirrors mortared into the vaulted ceiling of the city and through the giant stained glass windows dotted periodically up the walls.

The streets team with life. Humans from all over the Empire and the known world rub shoulders with Elves, Gnomes, Halflings, Dwarves, Centaurs, Tauren, Catfolk, Fauns, Tieflings and even Dragon Born from the Blight far to the southwest across the Inner Sea. A myriad races, species, colours and cultures mingle and live here. From the poorest, dirtiest peasants to the wealthiest and most decadent nobles and merchants. From transient adventurers to high-ranking diplomats from far-flung and mysterious lands.

Dinas Selenia is also important for the fact that it is the resting place of the Charter Stones that refine Free Magic into Charter Magic. They stand in powerful running water in a highly secure cavern far below the city.

Dinas Selenia

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