Magic on Irth is divided into several forms.

Free Magic

In it’s purest form, magic is known as Free Magic. This is the raw stuff of the universe. Wild, and unpredictable it has spawned some of Irth’s more terrifying magical creatures. It is the energy source for much of the Fey and those closest to nature. It is also the magical form channeled by Warlocks from their various Fey, Otherworldly or Infernal patrons.

Charter Magic

Refined, shaped, quantified and measured out, Free Magic becomes Charter Magic. Bridled, controlled, much safer and more predictable but no less powerful, this is the magical form used by Wizards, Alchemists and other civilised and learned practitioners of magic. Charter Magic is created from Free magic via the Charter Stones that stand in flowing water deep below the Imperial capital city of Dinas Selenia.

Divine Magic

Divine Magic is Free Magic that forms the structure of each of Irth’s many gods. Channeled into those gods by the belief of their followers, it is then passed back to Clerics and Paladins who perform deeds in that god’s name so that they might be better able to overcome adversity. It is not unlike a Warlock Pact but the magic used is divine and radiant and does not corrupt the user over time.

The Colour of Magic

Magic in all it’s forms behaves in a similar manner. Magic as an energy is present in all substances – animal, vegetable and mineral – to one degree or another. It is, however most prevalent in the soft and semi-precious metal, Octiron. Octiron is a prime ingredient in most magical artifacts – especially weapons – though it is mostly forged with tougher, less potent metals due to it’s highly maleable properties.

Magic is literally the absence of reality in much the same way that darkness is the abscence of light. Furthermore, powerful magic has the ability to bend and distort reality in a localised area. Spellcasting imbues an area with a measure of background magic proportional to it’s power and can leave a localised unreality field that can have quite unusual effects on otherwise mundane objects in the vicinity, specifically the improbable becomes substantially more probable.

It is quite often easy for most folk to detect the presence of strong background magic. Magical energies charge the air with an ozone-like smell and can leave a tinny taste in the mouth. Also, light in the area will often take on the purplish-green hue, Octarine – known colloquially as ‘the colour of magic’.


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