Last Legends of Irth


It is several months since the Necromancer was defeated by a band of bold adventurers and despite small pockets of resistance, peace and prosperity has started to return to the Empire.

All is not well, however. Since the victory, his most Radiant and Divine Majesty, Emperor Gallus Selenia has become withdrawn and reclusive. Seemingly paranoid and wary of any return route the Necromancer may have to this plane of reality, he has forbidden the dark arts and outlawed Warlocks across the Empire.

Practitioners of eldritch law are hunted down and imprisoned pending interrogation and judgement. Apprentices are captured by mobs and Imperial soldiers, now garbed in red and silver to denote their allegiance to the Church. The masters of the art are hunted down by Church Inquisitors, powerful vessels of divine energies. Already there are stories from the capitol and other towns of mass burnings in the streets.

Practitioners of other arcane arts are tolerated under license and close scrutiny. The church now monitors all matters of magic and it is their word on the subject that is law



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