Last Legends of Irth


In which the details of the last twelve months become quite sketchy

After this point, my researches become vague. After leaving the mysterious tower, Custler and his band appear to have travelled to Caer Gdwyr, southwest of the Imperial city. Here they found the castle besieged by Orcs. Finding a secret underground entrance to the castle, they manage to infiltrate and Custler is immediately recognised by Duke Morgan, revealing the fact that he is in fact minor royalty, much to his companion’s surprise.

Buried deep under the castle, and protected by cunning defences, lay the Rod of Cathomir which Custler needed for part of his quest. The companions retrieved this and after thwarting a couple of minor incursions by the Orcs, word came down from the watch that the Orcs were inexplicably striking camp and moving off.

Once the Orcs had gone, Duke Morgan requested of the group that they immediately travel to Caer Banog pass and discover how the Orcs were able to come down from the mountains without warning. This gave the companions the opportunity to dispose of a body that they had found in Gerhart’s room.

It becomes apparent that Gerhart has in his possession a book that has, trapped within it’s pages a being of tremendous power. He is evasive as to it’s nature and after it nearly kills Nil upon contact with him, it is decided that Gerhart should keep it in his protection and questions will be asked later.

The group are given horses and set off northwest, burying the body en-route.



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