Last Legends of Irth

Act Two, Session Three

In which our heroes become lost and then punch out a Sherriff

Having rested up in the now cleared out Caer Banog, Custler decided he would rather press on with his mission than pursue the mystery behind the papers.

So in the morning the group struck camp and set off west towards Caer Draig and Custler’s ultimate goal. The journey was long and arduous. After being caught in a snowstorm in the western foothills of the Selenic Mountains, the group needed to rest. Bob’s Filth Fever was getting worse and everyone was fatigued and tired. Madran claimed to know of a nearby village. Gerhart also thought he remembered a roadside temple to Ioun. It turned out that Madran was wrong and the companions found themselves lost in Llydwr forest and accosted by giant spiders.

Finally, after several days on the road, the party arrived at the village of Caer Draig, fatigued, exhausted and broken. The village itself nestled on the coast, a grey and gloomy settlement built of dry stone walls and slate roofs. Its windows were shuttered and it looked like a village huddled desperately against the elements.

The villagers were not pleased to see them and informed them that ‘their sort’ were not welcome. The Sheriff confronted the group and being in no mood for fools, Custler promptly floored him. Fortunately Gerhart was able to mediate and smooth over the situation and convince Custler to come back inside the tavern.

Once things had settled, the companions got to drinking with some of the more friendly locals. They were concerned that the group were, what they appeared to be: Adventurers, and that they were after killing the Dragon that nested on the coastal watchtower nearby. The village had an uneasy coexistence with the dragon. It took some of their livestock and in return it left them alone. They were worried that the group would fail in their attack, simply angering the dragon which would then take it out on the village. They told the villagers that they were simply passing through and once the villagers were convinced that this was the case, they relaxed somewhat.

The group rested for a couple of days and then, one morning, once they were all rested and returned to full strength, they mounted their horses and set off along the coastal road toward the tower.

Along the way, they noticed that the Sheriff and a posse were following them at a distance of around half a mile. They stopped to confront the Sheriff who wanted to make sure they got clear of the town ‘safely’. Custler had had enough and stated that he was going to the tower whether the Sheriff liked it or not, turned his steed and headed off, followed by Madran and Bob. Gerhart lingered and convinced the Sheriff that they were experienced and knew what they were doing. The Sheriff realised what he was up against and accepted the fact that fighting the group meant certain death for him and his men and neither side wanted that. Reluctantly, he conceded and the adventurers went on their way.

Presently they arrived at a small bay in which was tethered a rotten but serviceable rowing boat. The cave entrance to the tower lay a short row across the bay…



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