Last Legends of Irth

Act Two, Session One

In which the players discover what happened at Caer Banog

Late in the evening the party reaches Caer Banog and the Tiefling, Nil, stealthily approaches the gates.

Caer Banog is a relatively new structure forming a secure gateway through the Banog pass. It consists of a high, crenelated wall at each end of the pass. Each wall is book-ended by two fortified towers and has a heavy wooden portcullis sizeable enough for large carts to pass through. Between the two walls and built into the solid rock of the pass is a round keep, providing living quarters for a compliment of some twenty soldiers. On the opposite side is a large structure containing stables.

Calling out to anyone inside, he is met with a low moan. He beckons the rest of the party to join him from the shadows and with some effort they scale the walls, only to find the compliment of guards stationed here have all become zombies.

They set about dispatching the undead whose ranks include a powerful vampire.



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