Last Legends of Irth

Act Two, Session 2

In which a tower is climbed and a plot uncovered.

Once the Zombies are dealt with, a voice calls from the top of the keep, jeering at them and goading them to ‘come and get him’.

The way to the top of the keep is treacherous and bloody with each room guarded by mindless undead fiends, but finally the vampire lord lies in ash and the group uncover some curious papers.

Firstly a declaration from the Emperor that command of Banog Pass is to be given over to Baron Zarus M’Alkorrd. However, the seal is not that of the Emperor but is a demonic symbol pronounced, ‘Nek’st’. The same symbol was inscribed in woad on the forehead of the dead Vampire.

The next paper is a page from a book illustrating a Gigas, an ancient war machine from old legends. An iron monster standing hundreds of feet high.

The final paper is a map of the region with an X marked a little way south of Caer Gdwyr.



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