Last Legends of Irth

Act one, Session two

In which the group discover that Imps are immune to fire.

The party arrive on the caravan at St Malo to the sight of town watch checking all the incoming traffic for, it appears, a party that attacked a band of Church regulators on the road in from Riemme. As the encampments for all the folks visiting for the races are outside of the town walls, the party leave the caravan and head across country round the town to lose themselves in the crowds. Unfortunately Nil the Tiefling and Madran the wizard are feeling somewhat ill after their encounter with the rats and later on decide to sneak in to the town to seek an apothecary. They enter the city via the northeast gate where the guards are not so alert (the main attention is on the southeast gate) and despite being pulled aside by the watch, convince them that they aren’t the people they’re looking for. They head first to procure a potion against what is prescribed as Filth Fever. The potion will take a while to make so the chemist bids them return tomorrow. After this they head to the library where Nil finds vital information for his and Custler’s quest. Meanwhile in the stadium Custler, Genero and Gerhart discover the word, ‘NEXT’ scrawled in blood on a wall in a side corridor. Despite their best efforts, they find nothing to connect this with either them or the incident in the Bothy the night before and reluctantly head into town and rejoin the others. Unable to find room inside an inn, they are allowed to stay in the corner of a stables. They awake the next morning to find the body of a stable boy dead against the outer wall of the stable next to where they were sleeping, his face contorted in agony, his skin pulled in such a way that it seems almost as if the wall were sucking him in. Discovered by a serving maid from the inn, they run for it before her screams can alert the watch. Nil and Madran both feel worse and hurry to get their cure, which duly works. At this point, the inn they were staying in is consumed by an explosion that rocks the whole town, sending smoke and debris high into the atmosphere. Convinced that the explosion was meant for them and deciding that they have what they came for, they opt to leave town, hiding on another goods caravan before the watch can lock the city down and trap them or worse. Having nothing better to do and fearing blame for the death of the stable boy, the rest of the party decide to join Custler and Nil on their journey west.

After a day of travelling, the group enter a small hamlet which is devoid of all signs of life. All the windows are shuttered and the doors locked fast. They knock on the door to the coaching inn. A terrified inn-keeper lets them in quickly and then locks and bolts the door. He provides them with beer and food and explains that the hamlet has been under siege these past weeks from tiny winged creatures. Two of the group recognise his description as imps and suddenly the night air is rent by the screams of a woman from across the street. Looking through the gaps in the shutters the group see the imps in question raking at the windows of a house opposite. They pour out into the street to face the hellspawn and duly defeat them, learning in the process that such creatures are immune to fire. Nil is nearly killed save for the quick ministrations of Madran and Gerhart.

With the imps defeated, the group retire to the inn for a well-earned rest.



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