Last Legends of Irth

Act One, Session Three

In which the players discover that Goblin Hexers are sneaky (and dangerous) little sods.

With the Imps dead, silence descends on the village green. The party rest for the night in the inn. The rooms provided free of charge by the delighted Inn-keeper. Gerhart makes his excuses and sets off down the road. He must spend the night giving worshipful thanks to his deity. During the night, he sits in an open field and spies an old, ruined tower silhouetted against the cloudless, starry sky. He senses a faint aura of evil from it but it is too far distant to be of any concern so he puts it out of his mind. In the morning, he returns to the inn and discovers his friends searching for the Wizard, Madran who has disappeared during the night. Gerhart believes the tower may be connected somehow and sure enough, a quick search reveals the Wizard’s footprints heading away from the inn, north towards the tower. Before the party head off, the Innkeeper and the grateful villagers gather together to thank the heroes for ridding their village of the dreadful Imps and offer them several items that they have accrued over the years. The group take the items gratefully and set off to rescue their friends, despite the villagers’ warnings of goblins and great evil at the tower.

The tower sits atop a small hill, ringed at it’s foot by a small but dense forest. At the edge of the forest, the heroes spy small, crude Goblin fetishes hanging from branches. Tiny clusters of sticks and rodent and bird skulls, feet and feathers. Possibly some sort of ward or alarm system to alert the goblins of the forest. Sure enough, once they are deep enough into the woods, thanks to Gerhart tripping over and making a dreadful racket, they are ambushed by a small party of goblins. It’s a tough fight with the goblins quickly gaining the upper hand but before long the tide is turned and the goblins put to the sword – all bar one sniper that manages to flee.

After a short rest, the group continue on their way to the tower, clearing the woods, and scaling the steep slope up to the top of the hill and the foot of the tower. It is a three storey ruin, with only two storeys remaining. Overgrown and covered in weeds and creepers, it has but one entrance, an archway that has a perfectly black dimensional portal covering it.

After some initial testing with sticks and stones, Custler boldly steps in and the other heroes follow quickly behind. They find themselves transported to a circular room, bedecked in charter marks and sigils. Three small, circular alcoves are arranged tri-axially and the walls glow with an eerie blue-green light. In the centre, hangs Madran the Impatient, frozen, in a trance-like state.

Without warning, the three alcoves come alive with energy and from the arcs of light step half a dozen animated skeletons, armed and armoured…



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