Last Legends of Irth

Act One, Session Four

In which the group have three fights and a discovery...

The Skeletons proved difficult work but once the Wizard, Madran had been revived from his trance-like state, the tide turned and they were eventually vanquished. The curious chamber began to warp and dissipate, leaving the group standing on the grassy cairn, next to the ruins of the old tower.

With the group back together, they took breakfast in the village and then struck out west again towards Gdwyr.

On the road, Gerhart suddenly got a sense of something approaching and the party – all except Madran the wizard – left the road to hide in the surrounding trees. Sure enough, along the road came a black-cloaked rider who stopped to confront Madran, demanding that he produce, ‘the boy’. Whilst doing so, Custler hurled his warhammer at the creature wounding it whilst Madran used his ‘spectral hand’ to unfasten the creature’s saddle, causing it to drop to the ground. A fight ensued in which the creature was vanquished before it could make a single attack. After the confrontation, thoughts turned immediately to whom, exactly the boy was and why he was being sought. Convinced that it must be Gerhart, he confessed to having taken a book from his temple and it must be him that their pursuers wanted. Dissatisfied but not wanting to detract from the greater mission, the group opted to proceed, one eye now firmly fixed on Gerhart.

After several more days travel, the group were finally approaching Gdwyr when from the forest on the side of the road broke, what appeared to be an Orc scouting party accompanied by wolves. A savage battle ensued and upon defeating the scouts, the sound of marching was heard from over the rise…



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